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Persona 4: Echoes That Dwell
[Artwork] firebird's child
chisotahn wrote in ikuzeaibou
Title: Echoes That Dwell
Fandom: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4
Characters: Yosuke and a... sort-of spoiler?
Summary: Fill for badbadbathhouse; prompt under the cut because it's technically a spoiler, if a rather minor one considering it's from the very beginning of the game.

Notes: This will spoil you in the face for 4/15. More notes under the cut.

Prompt: "Anon would like to see something with Shadow!Saki/Yosuke. Preferably non-con or dub-con with the shadow taunting Yosuke that this is the only way he could be with her."

And yeah, this is so not my usual subject matter, but I'd had a plotbunny floating around for something to do with Saki's Shadow for eons. This just crystallized it. I have yet to actually write smut, so this became more of a character piece - still, there is some (tame) mostly-non-consensual molesting in here.

Poor Yosuke.

The abandoned liquor store was Yosuke's least favorite place in the TV world; while he could no longer hear the echoes of Saki's voice when he went inside, it still ached, made his stomach twist with vague, remembered guilt and longing. The fact that he'd faced his Shadow here wasn't really important - this place was Saki's, spawned by her mind when the killer had thrown her into the TV. He and his Shadow had both been interlopers.

Why he'd come back again, this time alone, was beyond him. As he stepped through the rippling red and black that led to the interior of the liquor store, that old guilty twist surged back. It was quiet inside other than the hum of the coolers, everything exactly as it was the last time he'd been here, though he'd had Souji with him that time. Now, though, alone... it was different.

Yosuke walked quietly to the back of the store, let his gaze linger over the torn images there, bit his lip as he caught sight of his own face in the mess, edged jaggedly from where someone - presumably Saki herself - had torn it to shreds. It wasn't unfamiliar, but it still hurt.

Why do you want to avenge her if that's all she thought of you? The thought floated unbidden to the surface of his mind.

Because... because she helped me, because she was good despite all of that, because I...

She's dead. She'll never know what you did for her.

Yosuke sighed. Doesn't matter. I'll know. He let his fingers trail through the shredded pictures, just as he had the last time, then turned-

-to see the figure standing in the entrance, the lines of wavy hair and school uniform so familiar even in silhouette that his breath caught in his throat. He closed his eyes and shook his head, then opened them again.

Still there.


The sound of his sharp, indrawn breath was extremely audible. No way. That's not - isn't possible-

She took a few more steps towards him, features slowly coming into focus through the gloom of the abandoned store. "Hana-chan... it is you."

"S-Senpai..." His hands were shaking, he realized; he swallowed, hard.

"I missed you." As she stepped forward, her voice shifted, distorted in a way that sent chills shooting down Yosuke's spine; her face was in shadows, but he could see the glints of yellow in her eyes now. "That's what you want me to say, isn't it? After all, you've missed me a lot, haven't you?"

Yosuke fumbled for his kunai, slipping into a fighting stance; one blade slipped through his trembling fingers and hit the ground with a clatter. "You're not Saki-senpai," he informed the Shadow, keeping his voice as level as possible as he reached out with his mind, thinking hard. Rise? Rise? Surely she would sense the presence of a Shadow here, surely-


The Shadow laughed, and despite the distorted edges, it was still close enough to the original to make Yosuke flinch visibly. "You've changed, Hana-chan." She walked closer, her movements painfully familiar, that tilt to her head, the way she looked at him, the way she-

Yosuke bit his lip, used the pain as an anchor, brought his remaining kunai up between himself and the Shadow. "You're not her, no matter how much you look like her, how much you sound, how much..." His words cut off as she smiled, and it was perfect. "You're not," he repeated, and this time the tremble in his voice was extremely obvious.

"You're me, and I'm you," she quoted at him, bringing up one hand, reaching for him; he jumped back, knocking her hand away with the back of his own, pressing into the cooler behind him. No more room to run. "Did you think that was only true for you and your friends, Hana-chan?"

"Doesn't matter," he began, then froze as she reached out again. Just do it, you've got a damn kunai, don't let her-

But he couldn't, couldn't bring that blade to bear on her, even with those yellow eyes set in her face. Yosuke visibly started as she touched him, running one hand delicately down the line of his jaw. "You wanted this, didn't you? You thought I wouldn't notice? Maybe I was too stressed out, too worried about everything to realize?" Yosuke shuddered, and she laughed, the sound gentle, with only the faintest edge of malice. "You wanted..."

Yosuke's eyes snapped open as she leaned in, her own eyes closing and hiding that yellow from sight - so he could almost, almost believe as she kissed him, slipped her tongue into his mouth and wrapped one arm around his waist, that it was really her and not-

She pulled back with an amused smile. "How many times did you daydream about that?"

Yosuke breathed in - god, she even smelled right - and tried to regain his composure as she tangled one hand roughly in his hair. "G-get away from me-"

"You always were oblivious, Hana-chan..." She sighed, and gave him that faint frown that had always made him leap to attention, distract her with some dumb joke or stupid story that'd take her mind off things. That hand around his waist slid down, fingers hooking lightly but firmly around the waistband of his pants, making him shudder again. "I know you thought about this. I was way out of your league, right? But maybe, just maybe if you played your cards right..."

"Stop it," Yosuke managed as the fingers of her other hand tightened in his hair, sharply pulling so that his lips met her own again. She nipped delicately as she pulled away this time, leaving him only an instant to catch his breath; then the hand at his waistband dipped downward, and Yosuke jerked backward, slamming the back of his head into the unyielding glass of the cooler door behind him-

He could have pushed her away at any time; he was stronger than her, more agile, faster, trained now by months of fighting Shadows... and yet there was also her smile, her voice (distortion at the edges; so faint, fainter every moment), her movements as she shifted, claiming his skin with sweeps of her fingers, toying with him. "S-Saki..."

She stopped, yellow eyes bright. "That's right," she whispered, punctuating the statement with a delicate stroke that made Yosuke tremble in a way he couldn't wholly attribute to fear or revulsion. "That's exactly right, Hana-chan." Her next kiss was dizzyingly deep, and a faint moan escaped him as she drew back with a laugh. "Now..."

At some point, he realized, she'd unbuttoned his uniform jacket; now her hands slipped inside, pressing against his stomach, running up the inside of his shirt - but there was a strange, sharp coldness to her touch, a chill that made Yosuke start, that broke through the haze of I have always wanted this, haven't I- in his mind. No. No, goddamnit, she's not-

She's a Shadow-

She felt the change in him, when that frightened, uncertain compliance gave way to true wariness, and drew back, frowning at him again, bringing one hand up to lift his chin so he looked straight into her yellow eyes, an amused - no, mocking - smile on her face. "What?"

He pushed her away with all his strength, using the cooler door for leverage; she staggered back and he dove past her, grabbing his other kunai from the ground and coming up in a defensive stance.

The shift was instantaneous; that face that had been so sweet, so damned friendly twisted suddenly into a cold smirk. "Oh? Getting shy, are we?"

"No," Yosuke grated. "Just getting wise to you. Saki-senpai is dead... and you're just the Shadow left behind."

To his surprise, she threw back her head and laughed. "Honestly, Hana-chan... here I am, offering you everything you ever wanted, ever fantasized about in bed at night... and you're still too damn scared to take it? Nothing's really changed, has it? You were too scared to reveal your feelings... too scared to stand up for yourself, let those part-time girls and the rest of the town walk all over you... and you're still scared." Her smile widened. "All you did was whine, and you're still whining."

Yosuke tensed. "What the hell do you mean?" he asked, warily, taking a few quick steps backwards as the Shadow advanced.

"Coming here like this place was some kind of shrine to your failure." She twirled a lock of hair around one finger, the mannerism sharply familiar. "Poor, poor little Hana-chan..."


The Shadow paused and arched one eyebrow at him. "Oh?"

"No," Yosuke repeated, straightening out of his defensive crouch, forcing himself to focus on her, to look at what she really was, past familiarity into those yellow eyes, the shadows rippling faintly along her limbs. "It was like that before, yeah, I know that. You're not the only Shadow to throw that in my face, okay?" He took a deep breath. "It's not... it's not all about her any more. I won't forget Saki-senpai, ever - but I have other reasons to fight now. I don't care if I never got... that stuff. She gave me something more important, and nothing's ever going to take that away from me-"

As he spoke, he took a step towards her, then another; she took one step backwards and then stood her ground, lifting her chin high as he stopped right in front of her, close enough that the shadows radiating from her licked at his feet. "Saki Konishi is dead," he repeated, his voice quiet but firm. "I will find her killer - and I will not let Shadows stop me. Not even hers."

"Hmph," she said, then smiled as Yosuke took another deep breath and drew back his kunai.

It felt - thank god - exactly like killing any other Shadow, her form fragmenting as he drove the blades home, that familiar, quick movement he'd used hundreds of times before on hundreds of Shadows in this world.

But this one was different; Yosuke stood there breathing hard as the motes of darkness evaporated around him, his hands shaking at his sides - and yet, as he watched them fade, he felt a strange sort of peace. He waited a moment longer, until every fleck of shadow was gone, then turned silently and walked out of the liquor store, his footsteps ringing on the tile.

I'm sorry, Saki-senpai.

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You're welcome for the beta~ :)

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My style being abuse of italics? I think that's the easiest way to pick out what I write! Sigh. ;)

I actually had the idea of Shadows sticking around a while ago - heck, Shadow!Yosuke basically suggests it himself in canon, what with the "that's right, I'm not you anymore, I'm me now" thing. (Wow, it's kind of sad I've watched that scene enough that I can type it verbatim without having to reference anything.) I don't think it's too much of a leap to think that Shadows who devour their originals gain an identity of their own and could hang around. It's a concept I'd like to fiddle with some more.

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