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Persona 4: Mini- and Micro-Fic Fluff Pile
[P4] little flail but that's okay
chisotahn wrote in ikuzeaibou
And here is the second post of collected fluffbits, including one more short minific and a few microfics. Again: fluff, not serious business, enjoy!

Title: Meep! II: Early-Morning Boogaloo
Fandom: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4
Characters: Souji/Yosuke + a kitty!
Summary: A timeskip sequel to this adorable minific (good ending spoilers) on badbadbathhouse. To steal the Revue's summary (because it was so apt and made me giggle ♥) - post timeskip, the kitten is now a pain in the ass cat. Poor Yosuke.

Notes: This will spoil you in the face for the good ending. Special thanks to frigoris for 'kitty-picking' this for me, as I do not own a cat. XD


Yosuke blinked blearily at the clock, squinting at the green numbers until they swam into focus. Six in the morning. Which was a completely ridiculous time to be awake on a Sunday, especially considering they'd gone to bed late the night before. Yosuke had crashed hard enough that he hadn't really moved at all since falling asleep; Souji's arm was still draped comfortably over his shoulders. He sighed and tugged the blanket back over himself, closed his eyes, and-

Something bounced across the bed, landing on the small of Yosuke's back before hitting the floor with a series of thumps and a faint jingling sound.

Yosuke winced internally and curled up, trying pointedly to Go To Sleep And Ignore The-

-cat that bounded across the bed again, this time smashing all four paws into Yosuke's side with pinpoint accuracy.

"Kuroooo," Yosuke groaned, yanking the blanket over his head; next to him, Souji shifted and rolled over, apparently unaware of the feline stampede. "Go back to sleep, damnit-"

There was a mewling sound from the floor, and a tail swished through Yosuke's field of vision. A moment later something soft and warm bumped his cheek, and he jerked his head back instinctively. "Kuro! Stop it," he hissed, shoving at the cat with one hand; Kuro dodged it easily, though he thumped back onto the floor in the process.

"Geez..." Yosuke rolled over again, stared blankly at Souji's back, and hoped that giving himself a lower profile would make the cat switch targets. A dirty trick, perhaps, but Souji could easily take care of whatever his damn cat needed and then get back to sleep, no problem.

Instead, soft paws shoved against Yosuke's neck. "Prrp?" Kuro asked, and settled himself firmly on top of Yosuke's head.

"Ohgodgetoff-" Yosuke flailed, then winced as he accidentally smacked one hand into the clock and sent it crashing to the floor. Kuro zoomed away, leaping off the bed and darting through the half-open door as Yosuke sat up. "And stay out," Yosuke grumbled, dragging himself out of bed and shoving the door closed before crawling back under the covers. Souji hadn't moved at all in the interim, and Yosuke looked sourly at his boyfriend's sleeping form. Totally not fair.

The closed door bought Yosuke ten blissful minutes of silence, just enough time to get comfortable and begin drifting off to sleep again.


Yosuke shoved his head under his pillow with a muffled, disbelieving grumble. Maybe if he ignored it, Kuro would give up-


The meowing started a moment later, combined with a renewed scratch assault on the other side of the door. Yosuke covered his ears and tried to ignore the noise.

"Mrrrowl," Kuro protested, hitting a pitch comparable to fingernails on a blackboard.

Yosuke shoved the covers to one side and dragged himself out of bed once more, opening the door and giving the cat a desperate look. "What? What, damnit?"

"Mrow," Kuro replied, then sat back on his haunches, extended one hind leg, and began to wash energetically. Yosuke looked blankly at Kuro and slumped - which was the cat's cue to bound past him and up onto the bed, curling up neatly in the warm spot Yosuke had abandoned.

"Oh, you have got to be kidding me," Yosuke groaned.

"Mrrrr," Kuro purred contentedly, and closed his eyes.

But the bed was big enough for all three of them, and at least Kuro was no longer bouncing off the walls or yowling fit to wake the dead. Yosuke sighed and climbed back into bed, nudging Kuro aside just slightly; the cat made a sleepy noise and curled up against his side, not moving at all when Yosuke tugged the blankets up again.

"Dumb cat," Yosuke informed Kuro with a yawn, and closed his eyes.


The faint sounds of someone in the kitchen woke Yosuke up at last, and he sleepily pushed the blanket aside and blinked at the outside world. Souji was gone - probably a good thing, considering Yosuke had sprawled over most of the bed and stolen all the blankets - but there was still a warm, purring form draped over Yosuke's back. Yosuke shifted slightly, debating whether or not he really felt like getting up just yet.

There was a faint chuckle from the doorway, and Yosuke turned his head to see Souji standing there, an amused smile on his face. "You awake?"

"Mrf. I guess," Yosuke conceded, sitting up with a yawn; Kuro slid off and onto the blankets, mewling sleepily.

Souji laughed and sat down on the edge of the bed, scooping up Kuro and tickling him behind the ears. "He really likes you. I tried to get him to come eat breakfast, but he refused to move."

Yosuke shook his head and stretched before flopping back against the pillows. "I don't know why - he's your cat."

"You raised him," Souji pointed out, letting Kuro go; the cat immediately padded over to Yosuke and curled up again, pressing against his side.

"Psh - it wasn't for that long, geez." Yosuke sighed. "Dumb cat." He ran one hand down Kuro's back, stroking gently until the cat's rumbling purr was clearly audible. "It's a pain. He always goes right for me at night when he wants someth- what?" he added, glancing back at Souji.

Souji was watching him with a soft grin on his face, the expression so fond that it was almost embarrassing. "Ugh, you're making that face again," Yosuke protested, feeling around with his free hand for something to throw, but there wasn't really anything in range. "Geez."

The smile turned into an amused smirk. "It's not my fault you're cute."

"Blegh, I am not," Yosuke grumbled, and stopped petting for a moment; Kuro immediately got up and rubbed against his hand, then put both front paws on his leg and looked up at him, ears perked. "Oh come on, you're not helping, damnit."

"I rest my case," Souji proclaimed, standing up with a grin. He padded over to the side of the bed and picked Kuro up; the cat shifted a bit, then settled. "I'll take this with me, then - and there's coffee in the kitchen, if you want any."

Yosuke nodded, then sighed and stretched again, kicking the tangle of blankets aside. "Thanks, partner."

Souji, who was most of the way down the hall by then, waved a hand in acknowledgment, then paused and glanced back. "By the way, you're still cute. Without the cat, I mean."

This time, Yosuke found a suitable pillow to launch down the hall after him.

Title: Microfic Fiesta! (aka I am too lazy to individually title these, for they are very short)
Fandom: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4
Microfic #1: Souji, Yosuke
Microfic #2: Souji, Nanako + a kitty!
Microfic #3: Souji, Nanako

Summary: In the time it would take me to write a summary, you could probably read all three. They're fluffy. What more do you want? XD

Notes: No spoilers! A small series of very short ficlets. All fluff, some silly, some cute.

"Dude, I think I'm gonna melt all over your floor, that cool?" Yosuke groaned, flopping off the couch and onto the floor. He tilted his head back and stared almost longingly at the refrigerator. "Ungh. Actually... I think I might go climb into your fridge."

Souji raised one eyebrow from his place in front of the TV, laying on the floor with his head on one of the cushions. "I wouldn't, if I were you."

"Why not?" Yosuke slowly got to his feet, stretched, and padded over to the fridge. He put one hand on the door handle and bent down as he pulled the door open. "Ahh, wonderful cool ai-"

Souji waited a few seconds before sitting up. Yosuke was still standing in front of the fridge, his face seemingly frozen in an expression of sheer horror. "You okay there, partner?"

That seemed to snap Yosuke out of it; the other boy recoiled and slammed the fridge door hard enough that the whole thing rattled. He ended up with his back pressed against the fridge, giving Souji a wild-eyed look. "Oh. My. God."

"I told you," Souji said, and put his head back down.


The rain drummed against the roof of the Dojima residence - it was a stormy afternoon, bad enough that the power flickered occasionally under the onslaught of wind and rain. Nanako glanced up as she heard the door open, then brightened as she saw who it was. "Welcome home, big b-" But Souji quickly pressed a finger to his lips, shushing her, and she gave him a puzzled look. "What is it?" she added, voice barely above a whispered.

He beckoned for her to come over, and she tiptoed over with care as he crouched in the hallway, something cupped carefully against his chest - and when Nanako saw what it was, she had to clap her hands over her mouth to keep quiet. "Ohhh... it's a kitty," she whispered after a moment, her eyes bright. Indeed, there was a tiny, damp tabby shivering there, tucked just inside Souji's coat for warmth and protection from the rain.

"I think it's sick," Souji told her in a whisper, and her face fell. "It's okay - here, can you get a box and an old towel? We'll make it a nice bed."

Nanako nodded eagerly, then darted off into the kitchen. She brought the towel first, and watched in fascination as Souji gently dried the kitten off, then hurried for the box. Within a few minutes, Souji had the kitten safely nestled in the box, where it curled up into a tiny ball as Nanako gingerly arranged the towel around it like a nest. "There, good," he told her with a smile. ruffling her hair. "That's perfect."

"It will get better, right?" Nanako asked anxiously, peering at it.

"Of course," Souji reassured her. "We'll take care of it together."

Nanako smiled and nestled up against her big bro, the box in her lap.


Souji stared down at the small cluster of upturned faces, caught slightly off-guard as Nanako tugged at his sleeve again. "Do that trick, big bro! Please?"

But he couldn't say no to Nanako, especially when she looked at him like that - even if the audience was larger than he was used to, and one or two of the boys on the edges looked like the type to be suspicious of everything. He'd have to do this note-perfect to get past their skepticism. "Okay, okay," he said with a grin, and Nanako took a step back, bouncing slightly as she moved.

It took only a moment to produce a rubber band from his school bag and place it over his fingers, then crouch down so the gathered kids could scrutinize it properly. "Watch..." There was a chorus of appreciative gasps as he straightened his fingers and the rubber band 'jumped'. Even the few skeptics in on the fringes looked vaguely impressed.

Nanako beamed. "See? I told you!"

"What did you tell them?" Souji asked as the little crowd began to disperse, encouraged by an impromptu game of tag.

"That you were the best magician ever," she informed him, her cheeks turning slightly pink.

Souji chuckled. "Of course - and for my next trick, I'll make Nanako... disappear!"

"Hey! Stooop!" Nanako giggled wildly as Souji scooped her up. "I don't want to disappear!"

"Really?" Souji paused and looked thoughtful, though his grin gave his intentions away. "Hmm. That's too bad. I guess I'll have to let you stay, then."

"Oh, good," she said, and wrapped her arms around his neck.

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Maxwell approves of cats making a nuisance of themselves.

What? Am I bothering you?

I should credit Max for inspiring Kuro's demon-mode. He did the bed-bounce thing on me once, so obviously I had to share the pain.

So fluffy~
`Specially the Nanako and Souji ones. 8D

But..exactly what was in the fridge that had Yosuke freeze up?

There's some pretty scary things in the fridge. Take your pick! XD

Right, right.
Thats not healthy, you'd think dojima would clean his fridge at least once a month or something.

The Yosuke cat one, I wish i had a cat. Blah.

omg. did not see last one. last one is effin adorables. brb melting.

♥ Cousin fluff is one of the very best kinds of fluff. :>

(Deleted comment)
Thank you! I am wondering if the lack-of-guessing on the kittyfic was due to my lack of having written timeskip or my lack of posting it instantly to the comm. If the latter, perhaps I should delay more on the short stuff just to shock people. ;)

K-kitty fluff! *dies happy* Cats are little bastards, really. I don't know why we continue to give in to their demands. :| It does not surprise me in the least that Souji seems to be a cat person.

And cousin fluff! The two best kinds of fluff, together in one post! &hearts You just know that Nanako would be sooo proud of her awesome amazing big bro and want to show him off to her friends. :D And tell them all to back off because SHE'S marrying him when she's older.

I don't have a cat so I have been hesitant to write kitty fluff, but I think I might revisit the Timeskip Domestic Adventures Avec Kitty thing. Now and then. For fun. ♥

Cousin fluff is so great, I love writing it and it never fails to make me grin stupidly. :D

Souji Seta, cat rescuer extraordinaire

It was a self-imposed quest!

You wrote Meep Part II?? I had no idea!!

Man, no one writes fluff like you. ;A;

I did indeed. XD Thank you! ♥

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